Agri-Alert founded the Cultivate Tomorrow initiative to sustain and facilitate entrepreneurship among young innovative members of the agricultural community. The initiative is designed to empower its partners with the experience and support necessary to “cultivate” their businesses.

Cultivate Tomorrow partners have the opportunity to collaborate with Agri- Alert’s marketing, sales and operational experts in presenting and distributing their innovations nationwide, thereby expanding the agricultural solutions and products available to farmers in South Africa.

Our Partners

Hekmeester – David de Wet

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Agri-Alert discovered David de Wet, creator of Hekmeester, through the 2023 Boerepatente (Farmers’ patent) competition. David’s innovation highlighted the need for a platform like Cultivate Tomorrow, whereby young innovative farmers can share their ideas with the rest of us.

David is the first Cultivate Tomorrow partner, and Hekmeester is now available for purchase on the Agri- Alert online shop. David will also be at the 2024 Nampo Harvest Day to discuss his innovative product with you. You can find him at the Agri Alert Hall.