About Agri-Alert

Before founding Agri-Alert, our two directors, Jan-Adriaan and Francois, worked in the wildlife sector. During this time, between 2001 and 2011, they designed wildlife tracking devices for Wireless Wildlife, a company that supplies remote data-capturing and – management systems to research or management projects involving multiple wildlife species.

Based on the capabilities of their tracking devices, the engineers received numerous enquiries from individuals in the agricultural sector, asking if they could use the wildlife trackers to track their livestock. Unlike wildlife researchers, however, farmers would ideally want to track a whole herd of livestock, not just one animal. So, the cost of using wildlife tracking devices and technology to track livestock turned out to be very expensive.

As a result, Jan-Adriaan and Francois decided to create a system that would enable farmers to monitor the activity and locations of their livestock, but with less expensive technological equipment than that of wildlife tracking devices. Lowering the cost of livestock collars enabled farmers to add multiple tracking devices to a herd, thus allowing them to track the whole herd, rather than just a single animal.

By 2011, Agri-Alert sold its first livestock tracking and monitoring system. Since then, the company has become an industry leader in the field of livestock monitoring. Moreover, Agri- Alert has grown to favour a holistic approach to farm security. With an in-house design and engineering team, Agri-Alert creates technological security and utility devices based on the customer’s needs. So, aside from our selection of livestock monitoring systems, our product range also includes utility sensors that can be used for water level monitoring of troughs or temperature monitoring of chicken coups. Additionally, our general security sensors can be used to monitor the movement of barn doors, solar panels or crop farming implements and equipment.

Guided by our ethos of a holistic approach to farm security, Agri-Alert aims to make farms in South Africa safer and smarter, allowing you to enjoy farming.