Our Product Range

Agri-Alert has become an industry leader in the field of livestock monitoring. Our in-house design and engineering team creates technological security and utility devices based on the customer’s needs. So, aside from our selection of livestock monitoring systems, our product range also includes utility sensors that can be used for water level monitoring of troughs or temperature monitoring of chicken coups. Additionally, our general security sensors can be used to monitor the movement of barn doors, solar panels or crop farming implements and equipment.

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Collar with Activity Monitoring

The Activity Monitoring Collars are suited for monitoring the activity of your livestock on the farm. To keep an eye on the behavior of your livestock at all times and be notified of any abnormalities regarding their behavior.

Collar with GPS and Activity Monitoring

The GPS collar has the same functions as the Collar with Activity Monitoring, with additional functionality to determine the GPS coordinates of the livestock it is fitted to.

Collar with GPS, GSM and Activity Monitoring

This collar has the same functions as the Collar with GPS and Activity Monitoring, with additional functionality of GSM.

Activity/Tilt Monitoring for General Purposes

These sensors can be used to monitor solar panels, gates, barn doors or even seed bags against theft or unauthorized entry.

Temperature Monitoring

Environmental temperature is constantly monitored by these sensors and clients are informed of preset temperature breaches. These sensors are typically used in chicken coops and freezers.

GPS/GSM Tracking Devices

The GPS/GSM Tracking Device is used to track any asset, anywhere.

Base Stations

The base station consists of a solar panel, control unit and an antenna. The base station is installed on the premises of the client. The various sensors communicate 24 hours of the day with the base station. Once abnormal behavior is detected by the sensors , it notifies the base station and the client will receive a notification of this/her cellphone.


Turn the CCTV Camera system on your farm into an advanced human detection system. Once connected to your CCTV system, SPOTBOT uses advanced artificial intelligence to monitor your CCTV footage and detect the human form. SPOTBOT excludes all other moving objects like animals or moving vegetation. This means it eliminates 99% of false alarms that conventional motion detection systems supply.

When it detects an intruder on your farm, SPOTBOT sends a snapshot of the detection directly to your phone, so you and your family can react when it matters most.

*Agri-Alert is a registered SPOTBOT distributor.


The SPOTBOT Pop-Up unit is an advanced, stand-alone security system with built-in, state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) human and vehicle detection technology.

The unit consists of:

  • Four CCTV-cameras
  • An LTE router to push picture notifications to the user and their security company
  • A solar-powered battery system
  • A siren (optional add-on)
  • A strobe light (optional add-on)
  • A SPOTBOT human and vehicle detection device