The Agri-Alert products range can be implemented as a warning system for the prevention of loss of livestock through theft, predators or stray dogs. Our equipment has state of the art sensors installed that are programmable for any activity to deliver valuable information to the client.

Collar with Activity Monitoring

The Activity Monitoring Collars are suited for monitoring the activity of your livestock on the farm. To keep an eye on the behavior of your livestock at all times and be notified of any abnormalities regarding their behavior.
Agri Alert

Collar with GPS and Activity Monitoring

The GPS collar has the same functions as the Collar with Activity Monitoring, with additional functionality to determine the GPS coordinates of the livestock it is fitted to.
Agri Alert-

Collar with GPS, GSM and Activity Monitoring

This collar has the same functions as the Collar with GPS and Activity Monitoring, with additional functionality of GSM.

Activity/Tilt Monitoring for General Purposes

These sensors can be used to monitor solar panels, gates, barn doors or even seed bags against theft or unauthorized entry.

Water Level Monitoring

The water level sensor is placed at a critical depth level in a dam, crib or watering trough. Whenever the water level drops below this critical depth, the client is informed.

Temperature Monitoring

Environmental temperature is constantly monitored by these sensors and clients are informed of preset temperature breaches. These sensors are typically used in chicken coops and freezers.

GPS/GSM Tracking Devices

The GPS/GSM Tracking Device is used to track any asset, anywhere.

Base Stations

The base station consists of a solar panel, control unit and an antenna. The base station is installed on the premises of the client. The various sensors communicate 24 hours of the day with the base station. Once abnormal behavior is detected by the sensors , it notifies the base station and the client will receive a notification of this/her cellphone. 


SPOTBOT transforms a CCTV camera system into an INTRUDER DETECTION SYSTEM
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