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Option 1 = R2099 excl. vat + R280pm excl. vat for collar – Delivery = R250 vat exlc.
Option 2 =R4699 excl. vat + R179pm excl. vat for collar – Delivery = R250 vat exlc.
Option 3 =R8750 excl. vat , no monthly fee for collar(2year subscription fee included) – Delivery = R250 vat exlc.
All options = R49pm vat excl. fee after 2 years to keep SIM active
Client has to fill in & sign debit order instruction form

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This collar is fitted with a GSM network SIM card.The Collar is calibrated according to the herds normal movement. As soon as there is abnormal movement within the herd the Agri-Alert system will warn the client with missed calls and descriptive messages on his/her phone. The GPS collar sends an updated GPS location for the collar with each alarm triggered. The client can also set up multiple Geo fences for these collars warning the client if the herd is being moved out of or in to a specific area. When inside an Agri-Alert Base stations radio Network the collar is not dependant of cell phone reception. When used on its own or outside a Basestations radionetwork it is dependant of GSM cellphone reception.

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